My research to reduce my VOIP monthly Bill from switching from Vonage.  I am still with Vonage.
as of 9/18/2011

I have continuously tried to find the right solution for me to port my VOIP phone number to a service where I can pay little to no monthly fee and simply forward calls that are made to that phone number to my (wife’s) mobile phone.  I do not use the VOIP phone at all and the calls I do get, are charities looking to get my money.   My wife is from Europe, so we make international calls to one single country in Eastern Europe, so this has to factor into my desicion on switching my service.  But that most likely will mean buying calling cards and calling from our cell-phone or using Skype.  Here, I summarize my findings to trying to come up with a simple soultion for my VOIP needs.  Information is not guaranteed and the plans outlined below might not be the only plans offered by the companies listed.  Also, the companies below are only companies I researched.  If you would like me to add to the list, comment on this blog entry and I will check it out.  This research does not take into account the Quality-Of-Service.

Website/Company Port VOIP line?  Forwarding(to mobile) Cost(s)/Price
www.vonage.com N/A 750 minutes/month 19.99/ month
www.google.com/voice NO Yes Free
www.skype.com NO No 2.3c/min
www.magicjack.com Beta, not yet in area Yes $19.95/year $ 39.95 device and

1st year

www.nettalk.com No Yes $29.95/year
$69.99 device and 1st year
www.parkmyphone.com $15 port fee 500 minutes/month $110/yr or $10
www.numbergarage.com Free? $9.95/month $29.95 1st month
No contract
www.callcentric.com $20 per month
Same as Vonage
www.parknblend.com $15 port fee Yes $6.99/ month

In summary, Parknblend seems to be the best choice for this moment at $15 for porting my number and $7 a month for being able to forward.  Magic Jack would be the better choice once number porting comes out of Beta and is available for my area.  This would be $39.95 for the first year and the Magic Jack device.

Vonage costs 19.99/month for a total of $239.88 (not including taxes and fees)
Parknblend costs $15 + ($6.99 * 12) = $98.88 the first year and then $83.88/year.
Magic Jack would cost $39.95 the first year and then $19.95/year

To date I have not switched since I am feeling safe with Vonage and next need to read reviews on the companies I have selected from the list and mainly ParkNBlend.  I will post my review findings in a later post.

International rates to Lt.

Website/Company Landline Mobile Need PC
www.vonage.com 12c/minute 24c/minute No
www.google.com/voice 5c/minute 10c/minute No/Yes
www.skype.com 6.8c/min pay as you go or 3.5c/min with subscription
www.magicjack.com 6c/min 17c/min Powered On only
www.nettalk.com $0.3017/minute to most carriers – Hugely Expensive www.parkmyphone.com $13/month unlimited international calling
www.numbergarage.com N/A N/A N/A
www.callcentric.com Not worth investigating
www.parknblend.com N/A N/A N/A


First, I apologize for not seeing your comments.  I will look into this to see how I can be alerted.  I plan on posting more information on this blog.

I have switched to MagicJack Plus.  I pay $39 /per year and I bought 2 years.  Plus I paid $10 per yer to move my phone number from Vonage.

I also see now that Google voice supports porting your phone number for land lines.  So, in 1 and a half years, I will look into Google voice again.  But MagicJack is working out well.  Plus they have an iPhone app, so my daughter can have a phone with her iPOD.  We were in Canada recently and with roaming being very expensive, my daughter’s iPOD was home phone accessed from Canada.  I really like it for the passed 6 months.  It does not have all of the features like Vonage, such as caller ID names and speech to text voicemail, but the price is right.